ChatGPT is a free Job search Specialist But 99% of people have no idea how to use it for job search.

Check and Save these – 5 powerful prompts to accelerate your job search!

1. Prompt for Resume Review.

“I want you to act as a skilled resume reviewer and evaluate my resume to help me achieve my career goals. Provide comprehensive feedback on the overall format, layout, and design of my resume to ensure it is visually appealing and professional. Analyze the content of each section, including the summary, work experience, education, and skills, and offer valuable suggestions to highlight my key achievements and contributions effectively. Additionally, assess the use of keywords and industry-specific terminology to tailor my resume for specific job opportunities.

[Copy-Paste] – Resume

2. Prompt for Linkedin review

“I want you to act as a professional LinkedIn expert and conduct a thorough review of my LinkedIn profile. Offer valuable feedback on my profile picture, headline, and summary to ensure they present a strong and compelling personal brand. Analyze the consistency and relevance of my work experience, education, and skills sections, and suggest improvements to showcase my professional achievements and expertise better.”

[Copy-Paste] – Linkedin Profile after downloading it in pdf – Don’t add the link

3. Interview Preparation and questions

“I want you to act as an interview preparation coach and equip me with the skills and knowledge to ace my upcoming interviews. Based on the [Your industry and job role You are targeting], create a customized list of common interview questions I am likely to encounter. Help me craft thoughtful and compelling answers that showcase my qualifications and experience effectively.

ChatGPT- Job Searching for LinkedIn

4. Write a prompt for Company research for the Interview.

“Act as my company research guide to help me prepare for an upcoming interview. Conduct in-depth research on its background, culture, and values by understanding the company’s mission and vision to gain insights into its overall objectives and goals. Investigate their products or services, target market, and competitive position within the industry.
Prepare a list of thoughtful questions to ask during the interview to demonstrate my knowledge and genuine interest in the company.”

Company Name: XYZ

5. Salary Negotiation

“Act as a salary negotiation mentor and guide me through the process of negotiating my compensation for a job offer. Begin by assessing my skills, qualifications, and experience to determine a competitive salary range for the position I am pursuing.
Help me craft a compelling case to showcase my value to the employer, highlighting my unique contributions and achievements. Provide tips on how to gather salary data and market research to support my negotiation arguments.

[Add your Profile, Experience, and Industry]

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